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Transpose in DI

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Transpose in DI

I'm attempting to recreate a query in DI that I'm currently running in EG.

However I'm hitting a brick wall when I try and transpose my data. Simple in EG, seems impossible in DI.

Its a small table


Staff_Division and Week_Commencing, with the values never changing and from EG the output looks as follows.

Staff_Division WC_4 WC_3 WC_2 WC_1
Division1 x x x x
Division2 x x x x
Division3 x x x x
Division4 x x x x

where x donates the value that was stored in Ave_Work_Lost.

In EG ive set Transpose Var: Ave_Work_lost
Copy variables: blank
New Column names: Week_Commencing
Group analysis by: Staff_Division.
New Column labels: blank.

I've found the same options within DI, however even with a few hours trial and error trying various different combinations of the above and a few more reading guides I'm no closer to achiving what I need.
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Re: Transpose in DI

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This might come too late for you but I couldn't resist trying.

It was actually quite a simple task in DIS 4.2

In the Transpose transformation I've done the following:

Transpose Properties/Options/Assign Columns
Var: Ave_Work_Lost
ID : Week_Commencing
By : Staff_Division

Transpose Properties/Options/Other options
Specify PROC TRANSPOSE options: prefix=WC_

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Re: Transpose in DI

Hey Patrick,

What do you do in the Mappings tab?

Many thanks..
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