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Translated Chris' Custom Task

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Translated Chris' Custom Task

Hi there


Chris Hemedinger as done a great job developing nice Custom Tasks like the Copy Files task, and I tell to my customers they should use it, but the gui is in English, and I'm working in France with French speaking users.

Does somebody already worked on translation of the Chris' Custom Tasks ?


Chris if you read this question, do you have any advice / approach to tell us on this subject ?


thank you

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Re: Translated Chris' Custom Task

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Hi Pascal,


This task is not localizable right now.  The UI and messages are embedded in the code, and not pulled from localizable resources.  It's a best practice to make your task localizable, but that doesn't mean that I've done it for this one.  Smiley Happy


I'll be happy to work with you to build a French satellite assembly -- that's the small DLL that would contain just the French version of the UI and messages.  Do you have a specific version that you want to target?


Refer to this thread for details about the process we'll need to follow.



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Re: Translated Chris' Custom Task

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Hi Chris,


thank you for your answer, I'll have to look to all this stuff and be back to you soon

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