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Transform vertical data into horizontal data

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Transform vertical data into horizontal data

I have the below data set

Cust_Num     Updatedt

1                      10/10/12

1                       5/21/15

1                       6/17/17

2                       4/12/15

2                       5/12/16

and would like to Convert it to the following:

Cust_Num         First_Update     Second_Update    Third_Update                     Fourth_Update

1                          10/10/12           05/21/15                    6/17/17                           CURRENT_DATE

2                           04/12/15           05/12/16                 CURRENT_DATE            CURRENT_DATE

Appreciate your help.




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Re: Transform vertical data into horizontal data

PROC TRANSPOSE will get you started. 

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Re: Transform vertical data into horizontal data

Can you tell us what you will do the results?

I ask because there a many tasks that get much harder after transposed to the "wide" form you request.


Also, since I have to assume "current_date" means the date the transform is performed, this is a potential problem as running the same code on the same data can yield a different result. Keeping track of such differences may make the project harder to manage.


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