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Transcode data from utf16le to wlatin1 issue

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Transcode data from utf16le to wlatin1 issue

Hello there, this is a user from Hong Kong. I have been experiencing difficulty in very basic data analysis using my imported data. Everything have been smooth until i press "scatter plot" (or any other analysis tools). An error box comes out which reads as follows:

Integration technologies failed to submit the code. [Error] Failed to transcode data from utf-16le to wlatin1 encoding because it contained characters which are not supported by your SAS session encoding. Please review your encoding = and locale= SAS system options to ensure that they can accommodate the data that you want to process.

I am using Chinese (HK-Traditional) version of Windows, and importing data can only take place in English language option of SAS. My SAS Enterprise Guide is at version 4.3 ( C44010. I am a new user of SAS for my study. Appreciated your help in advance. Thank you and have a nice day !!

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Re: Transcode data from utf16le to wlatin1 issue

This worked for me:

1.  Close EG

2.  Go to C:\Program Files\SAS Home\SAS Foundation\ 9.3

3.  Open the sasv9.cfg file in notepad

4.  Comment out this line:

/*-config "C:\Program Files\SAS Home\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\en\sasv9.cfg" */

5.  Add this line

-config "C:\Program Files\SAS Home\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\u8\sasv9.cfg"

6.  Save the file.

Open EG and test.

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Re: Transcode data from utf16le to wlatin1 issue

Actually, my previous reply is now not working. After much trouble, I eventually figured out that if you export the code in Enterprise Guide, when it warns about containing characters not supported by the encoding, just choose the option to NOT preserve those characters. Then open the exported file or copy and paste it back in to the original program, and it should work. There may be question marks that replace the odd characters, so you'll want to do a find + replace for those.

I also eventually figured out that the problem (I believe) stemmed from copying text from a Mac environment into the Windows environment (I use TeamViewer on a Mac to operate SAS on a remote Windows machine).

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Re: Transcode data from utf16le to wlatin1 issue

Interesting as some other most likely Chinese person is working on this: - Failed to transcode data from U_UTF8_CE to U_LATIN1_CE

Eguide (5.1) is working in utf8 encoding. That encoding is the most modern one with the advantage that most latin1 single byte chars are a single byte in lanin1.

There are many desktop and web products that are using utf8. The copy/paste action can copy the additional bytes of an encoding.
Using Eguide 4.3 is telling you are having SAS 9.2, that is rather old an upgrade to 9.4 would make sense.   

Integration Techologies is telling you are running a server based version. The advice of tylcole was on a desktop based version.

The utf-16le is an encoding that is an older Unicode standard that is often used in DBMS systems as a double byte character set (dbcs).
Still any problems to solve?
It is an old thread.

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