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Track the usage of SAS datasets using SAS AMO

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Track the usage of SAS datasets using SAS AMO

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I want to track the usage details for directly access SAS data sets using Microsoft Excel via SAS AMO from SAS Meta Server, and also I want to track whether the SAS connection is established between the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office and an SAS Metadata Server.

The main purpose of tracking is which user can be accessing the data set from excel and which dataset accessed by user and all those details need to track in our AWS server


System Specification:

Operating System: windows 7
Product : SAS Enterprise Guide
Product Release : SAS 7.1
Product : SAS Add-In for Microsoft office


Is it possible to track the SAS connection and along with usage details using SAS AMO?. Please let me ASAP.

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Re: Track the usage of SAS datasets using SAS AMO


To report on autorization defined in metadata investigate below:


To track and report on actual access on SAS files:

The only way's I can think of is to analyse server logs (with a sufficient logging level turned on) and via OS file monitoring tools (eventually combining the data from both sources).


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