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Track Changes for Files

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Track Changes for Files

Hi All,

I have 12 files that contains a customers risk rating (monthly files). So for every URN that changed from Low - Med and Med - High, I would like to count the volume of these accounts and to graph it by the customers location (post code). What is the best wat of doing this?

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Re: Track Changes for Files

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I would start by appending the files to get one big file. That is the Append task in EGuide. Then SORT by Customer and date.

Next, you will have to write some SAS code to transform the 12 (say) records per customer into 11 change records; that uses the LAG function.

If you are looking for one value per customer (rather than one per month change), you could do that in an EGuide Query using the MIN and MAX aggregate functions. If you use the Query Builder, you can skip the SORT. (Your question is not sufficiently specific to tell what you want.)

The plots could be as simple as bar charts (poor paper-to-ink ratio) to a tile plot or a series of maps.
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