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Title not getting displayed HTML page

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Title not getting displayed HTML page

I am creating a HTML page using multiple proc reports. There are titles for each proc report.

Issue Iam facing is that , the first title is not displayed , rest all titles are displayed. This is happening constantly.

Attached is the extract of code:

ods tagsets.htmlpanel event= row_panel(start);

ods tagsets.htmlpanel text="<div><H3>Detail File<br></H3> </div>";
ods tagsets.htmlpanel event= column_panel(start);


title1 "<div> Region1 </div>";
title2 "<div>Transactions </div>";

proc report data=region1;
column var file_count;
define var / 'Particular' display;
define file_count / 'Count' display;
title1 "<div> Comlpeted Transactions </div>";
proc report data= transact_complete;
column currentamount completed_amount ;
define currentamount / 'Current Amount' display;
define completed_amount / 'Completed Amount' display;

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Re: Title not getting displayed HTML page

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I'm not sure why you're adding <div> tags around your titles. What are you trying to do? In general I recommend not inserting raw HTML into your output if it can be avoided. If you need custom styling in your titles, use the style inline function.

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