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Time calculation

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Time calculation

I need some help converting time variable in calculation

Program calculates total turn around time of calls made for week / month and num of calls made by a employee during that time period

I am working on calculating calls per hour .

in my calculation I had sum of turn around time (TAT)  in MIN: SS:for 25 calls = 1878:07:35. How do I calculate calls per hour??

Please advice


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Re: Time calculation

So in your example its 1878 minutes for 25 calls?  If so then 1878/25 = mins between = 75.12 minutes or on call every 1h 15 minutes.

Anyways, if I didn't understand your example, basically multiply out each unit to the lowest common denominator, e.g. if you have HH and MM, then MM is the lowest.  ONce you have the lowest, divide by the number of calls will give you time in lowest denominator for each one.  Then divide you required unit by the lowest denominator result.

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Re: Time calculation

It's not clear how turn around time and calls per hour are related.

To get calls per hour, you would need the number of calls in some other time period, like week or month.

If in your example there were 25 calls in a week, there are 24*7 = 168 hours in a week, so would your calls per hour be 25 / 168 = .148?


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Re: Time calculation

I got the turn around time by calculating difference between two time stamp fields.

I think  RW9 answer would work

Thank you very much

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