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The SAS FileService returned the error: 'Insufficient authorization

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The SAS FileService returned the error: 'Insufficient authorization

Hi Cynthia

I am having the same problem as mention in the post belowᩓ

I have not understood your reply. Can you please explain with steps.
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Re: The SAS FileService returned the error: 'Insufficient authorization

The bottom line is that 1) there has to be a PLACE, defined as a folder in the metadata repository, which is the logical folder for where stored process information lives. This folder is defined and set up using the BI Manager plug-in in SAS Management Console. This is the folder name you see when you select
SAS --> Reports using the SAS Add-in for Microsoft office or View --> SAS folders in SAS Enterprise Guide. If you do not have a source code repository that you can write to, then the steps outlined on page 6 of this paper are the ones you would follow: (starting with the sentence "You probably don’t want to store your programs in the Samples folder.")

Then, once you have the PLACE to keep your stored processes, you must 2) have the security privileges/access to write to the place.
These Tech Support notes are relevant to your problem:

For more specific steps, especially for setting security privileges and access, once the repository has been set up, I suggest you contact the person at your site who set up the Metadata repository initially or the person who set the security and access privileges or contact Tech Support for help.

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