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Text output with ODS graphics

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Text output with ODS graphics

I am in an environment where the EG options for Results General are set to produce text output and there are no other active destinations.

I want to produce graphics from a SAS/STAT procedure using the awesome ODS Graphics. With only the listing destination active, the graphics do not appear anywhere in EG, but the log shows they are stored in &sasworklocation. This is on a server and can't be seen from my PC. I can redirect the graphs by including something like: ODS LISTING GPATH='networkdrive:\test'; Then I can open them from Windows Explorer.

Given the constraint of working with text output:

Is there a way to save graphics from ODS Graphics as part of the .egp file?

Is there any way to see these graphics in EG (without navigating to the file produced and opening it manually)?

Thanks for any help!
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