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Tables and Joins

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Tables and Joins

I am joining tables as I make queries, but for some reason it won't let me move them around (I would like to make the joins easier to follow and not messy), even though it gives me the icons to move it. Any ideas?
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Re: Tables and Joins

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Hi SAS Student,

I think I understand what your problem is. Do you mean that you are trying to re-arrange the icons on the Project Designer so that the process flow looks a bit easier to read ? If so, by default, the Auto Arrange property on the Project Designer is ON by default. You should try turning it OFF. Right mouse click in some white space on the Project Designer window (it usually shows a gridline pattern that the icons sit on top of), and click on the item in the menu labelled Auto Arrange. This action should now mean that you can move your icons around and they will not keep zooming back to where they started from.

I hope that this is of some help.


New Zealand.
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