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Tablenames keep reverting (SEG 4.1)

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Tablenames keep reverting (SEG 4.1)

I am busy with quite a large project in SEG 4.1 and for an unknown reason whenever you load that project, random tablenames will reset to their original values, no matter how often you saved after changing them.

(So if the tablename was WORK.QURY0001 and you renamed it in projectview to "Person With Adress" and saved. It may or may not reset to WORK.QURY0001.)

The name to the actual table would of course remain the same, but a renamed visual namesake in the workflow-view should remain renamed.

By the way; this only appears to be doing this from the third added workflow onwards. The first two workflows seem unaffected. Hope I clarified the exact problem a bit more there.

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Re: Query-names keep reverting (SEG 4.1)

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Not a problem that I have had, but maybe I'm not doing what you are doing.

Since the forum can't display screen shots, you are going to have to be more precise in your statement of the problem or submit it to tech support (which can handle screen shots).

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Re: Tablenames keep reverting (SEG 4.1)

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try Importing your Data directly into the worksheet from you connections then from there run the import data, which you can name anything you want, which will not be affected anymore the program creating a new table name for query. This should allow you now to even have code of your own written processes from the original data and query it without having the tables change name from a new session.

Hope that helps just starting using it myself.
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