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Sybase Context Allocation Failed

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Sybase Context Allocation Failed

I have a perl Web application that calls SAS to run a query against a Sybase database, but the call to SAS is failing. Here's what I found in the error log:

ERROR: A Sybase Context Allocation Failed. sassyb:s_ctx:Init of CTLIBRARY FAILED.
ERROR: A Connection to the sybase DBMS is not currently supported, or is not installed at your site.

Here are a few of the environment variable values:
SASROOT = /usr/local/CDC/SAS_9.1
SERVER_SOFTWARE = iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/4.1
SYBASE = /usr/local/sybase_versions/sybase12.5.1_64
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Re: Sybase Context Allocation Failed

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The problem turned out to be the softlinks created in the sybase12-64 bit directory pointing to the old 10.0.2 files.
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