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Support programming ease with CAPITAL letters

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Support programming ease with CAPITAL letters

I am very used to IDEs where I - as a programmer - am supported in the way that the IDE automatically writes commands in CAPITAL letters and also writes my variables in the way I introduced them.


I could not find anything like that in SAS EG.


Is it possible or is it just another weakness of SAS?

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Re: Support programming ease with CAPITAL letters

I don't fully understand the use-case you are descibing here.  Please provide one or more specific examples of how you would expect or like EG to behave.


EG's code editor does attempt to follow the programmer's lead with respect to case.  For example, if you type "pro" then allow EG to autocomplete, you get "proc" (in lowercase).  If you type "PRO" and autocomplete, you get "PROC" (in uppercase).  Though it matches case when autocompleting, the syntax suggestion window currently always displays the syntax in uppercase -- is this the issue?  Or is the issue the casing of the EG-generated syntax in the point-and-click wizards?  Something else?

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Re: Support programming ease with CAPITAL letters

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IDK which Microsoft platform does this, but when writing Excel VBA macros, the editor matches each letter's case with the first typed instance of the identifier (although it might be a bit more complicated than I am conveying).  This would be a great feature to ask for in EG!!! Consider adding a suggestion to the SASware ballot... SASware-Ballot-Ideas: "sas enterprise guide"

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