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Style .... not found

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Style .... not found

TS Note 17681 provides a solution to the situation where you define a style and make it available to your E.G. session through Tools / Style Manager. I went through the process of creating a custom style, and redefined the style using a UNC so that any project calling on the style would not need to have the same drive mappings as my PC. When running on the LOCAL server, my client found and used the style, but when I redefined the project to the remote server, I got these messages in the log:

WARNING: Style MYTEAMDEFAULT not found; Default style will be used instead.

. . . .

11 ! STYLESHEET=(URL="file://aserver/amount/eg41projects/MYTEAMDefault.css")

The TSNote says this is an issue since E.G. V3 and suggests renaming the style to the same as a SAS standard style.

Is this a style table issue that will be fixed later? The TSNote doesn't say.

Is this a server context fix, or does each client need to do the renaming?

I thought I saw this discussed here previously but cannot seem to find the thread.

Kind regards

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Re: Style .... not found

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This happens because EG generates and ODS statement like the following:


The STYLE= value results in the warning if there is no ODS style template that matches that name. For the built-in styles (ANALYSIS, MEADOW, and so on), there are matching ODS templates. But when you define your own style sheet and give it a meaningful name, it probably won't match an installed template.

The warning is an annoyance, but not necessarily a problem since the output appearance will be controlled mostly by your custom style anyway. If you want to avoid the warning, you can create an ODS style template with PROC TEMPLATE (examples on the Base SAS focus area on the support site).

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Re: Style .... not found

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AND, good news, starting in 9.2, you will be able to turn a custom CSS file into an ODS style template by using the new IMPORT statement to create a STYLE template that could be used with HTML, RTF AND PDF -- as well as using the CSS file for EG and/or HTML.

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Re: Style .... not found

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I have the same warning with SAS EG 4.

Should i put the proc template within my project and run every time i want to use my template?

and where should i save my '.css' files or it doesn't matter?

Kind regards,
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