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Stuck Status / Program

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Stuck Status / Program

I'm running into a problem after I hit run for my code in EG, the program executes for a while and then becomes stuck (i.e., the status message stays the same) and I have to kill sas.exe or EG. The program doesn't appear to get stuck in the same spot.

I'm wondering if this is a memory issue of some sorts. My code essentially runs through a data set where at each row I perform a call execute to run a macro. The macro runs a GLMSELECT, REG and returns some summary stats. If I limit my number of calls, the code is fine. However, when I run my full list (about 200 calls to the macro), I run into trouble. Many times it get's stuck on "Collecting...".

I've tried turning off the ODS results and log file but still have it stalling. all of this is run locally.

Also, this code runs fine in SAS when I wanted to see if it was EG or a SAS issue.

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Re: Stuck Status / Program

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A couple of things that you could try:

--Watch the task manager's Performance screen to see if you are running out of memory.
--Explicitly declare your macro variables as "local" so they are freed at the end of the call.
--Check out .
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Re: Stuck Status / Program

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Thanks. Unfortunately it still hangs. Via task manager, it doesn't look close to running out of memory.

I've even taken out all macro variables and placed the code directly in the call execute.

something like the following which call GLMSELECT about 200 times (even if I run it 50 times it may fail) and in the code below it is just being repeated on the same data:

data response_list2;
set response_list;
call execute(' ');
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Re: Stuck Status / Program

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Can you work with SAS Technical Support on this? It would help if you can provide a sample program, plus the logging output from following these steps:

That will help us to see where things are hanging up.

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