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Structure Data for Analysis

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Structure Data for Analysis

I have a wide SAS dataset that was transposed to contain one row per person.

I am trying to run a regression to look at the impact of rank on Salary over time.


So now I have 4 columns for salary (numeric), 4 columns for rank (character and stored as number range1-3).

What analysis should I run for this? I think I am missing something.


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Re: Structure Data for Analysis

This is all too brief a description for us to comment (what are the 4 columns for salary???), plus furthermore I think that this is an issue you need to discuss with your clients in more detail to find out what they want; and if possible, discuss with a statistician at your company.

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Re: Structure Data for Analysis

I agree completely with @PaigeMiller


One additional comment is that you mention that your data is transposed into one row per person. Typically, that is the correct structure for data intended for analysis, so for now I suggest that you keep it that way.



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