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Stored Process with a Data Output

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Stored Process with a Data Output


In the technical note n° SN-V3.0+-016692, it seems now that in Enterprise Guide 4.1 service pack 4, the output data from the stored process is displayed in the project.

Or i tried this several times without any success.

I need that the stored process produce a data table who will be integrated in my project to continue other tasks on it.

Is it possible? Or results must be any way a HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.?

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Re: Stored Process with a Data Output

I'm also having problems with this. Setted the Output type to None as specified on the flyover help for the Option on the Input / Output tab. The Stored process runs with no errors and creates a dataset in the Work directory but this is not displayed in EG.

Looking through the support site I also found the technical note SN-V3.0+-016692.

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Re: Stored Process with a Data Output


I have the answer from the SAS Support. You have to create your table in a permanent library and not a in the work.

Until now, the only test that i had made is the next:

A libname instruction in the Stored process
I defined the same library in Guide
And it works

I will search for how to put all of this in the meta data server. I will tell you later if it works

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