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Stopping EG from displaying a large dataset

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Stopping EG from displaying a large dataset


I ran a program which exported a large-ish SAS dataset to XML via the XML libname engine and an XML Map.  I've also got my EG options set to Data --> Performance --> Maximum number of records ... SAS/ACCESS Data to unlimited.

I get acceptable performance displaying a SAS dataset for say 10M records. 

However, when I clicked the Output tab on this XML data, it was still chugging away around 10 minutes later saying "Loading...".

If this were a SAS program, I could select Stop or End SAS Process from the task window.

Is there a way to get EG to stop loading data in this scenario, or is my only choice killing EG, say via Task Manager?



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Re: Stopping EG from displaying a large dataset

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Have you tried the EG Stop button or is EG just "busy" during this process so you can't use the Stop button?

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Re: Stopping EG from displaying a large dataset

It's just "busy".  For example, add a large (the bigger the better) dataset to your project.  Then open the dataset for viewing.  You'll see a "Loading..." message as it's trying to download the data (I assume it's XML under the covers???) to the client (EG) for viewing.

Since there isn't a SAS program running during this time, there isn't a Stop button to press.

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Re: Stopping EG from displaying a large dataset

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There is a stop task button below in Eguide. It is a list of running taks  in a window like a task manager.

Only tis window must be activated by the operator. The operator is you the user. An the EGuide taskmanager is part of all Eguide windows. 

You are correct when you have noticed this will not work always. Your taks is a running am other process  that should communicate with Eguide.

The next thing what can happen is a broken communication or a corrupted process.

Altough you can not see the process with Eguide anymore it is possible still running (corrupted) at the OS level.

Check that and when possible and needed do a kill of the process at the OS level. When using Eguide it is the WorkspaceServer part and normally it will be your personal key, you can operate that. That is the SAS.exe process in the Windows (OS) taskmanager.

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