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Statistical Graphics and EG

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Statistical Graphics and EG


Currently I am working at a site with a (DI) SAS Server that does not have SAS/Graph.

In the future things will be merged with a BI Server elsewhere that does have SAS/Graph. But that may take some while (months, half a year, ??), and some people here would like to create graphs with the data on the DI Server.

Statistical Graphics are available, since that now is part of the Base product. And as far as I understand SG is the future, and SAS/Graph in the long run a dead end.

But most tasks in EG that create graphics are still based on SAS/Graph. Does anybody know about plans to create alternative tasks for straightforward graphics that use SG instead of SAS/Graph?

The only suggestions I now have for those people are to try some of the more statistical oriented tasks (but not those that require SAS/Stat...) and see if they there can find the graph they want.

Or try to learn the SG syntax.

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Re: Statistical Graphics and EG

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What are you referring to when  you say SG syntax? Are you talking about the Graphing Template language or the Statistical Graphs procedures such as SGPLOT?

And what version of EG/DI Server are you on?

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Re: Statistical Graphics and EG

The Scatter Plot Matrix task uses SGSCATTER.  And there is some integration with the ODS Graph Designer and the ability to render graph definitions that you create with it.  See:

Using ODS Graphics Designer with SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 - The SAS Dummy

SGPLOT offers fairly simple syntax to accomplish the basic graphs, but a bit of learning is needed if you're not accustomed to programming.

I know that there are some ideas for doing more with the SG procedures as tasks within SAS Enterprise Guide, but I can't speak to the timeframe for when/if that might happen.


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Re: Statistical Graphics and EG

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Any SG syntax.

Getting SG output from the few Base procedures that do that (I think CORR, FREQ and UNIVARIATE), or SGPLOT/SGSCATTER etc, or GTL with SGRENDER. Probably in that order, but whatever is the easiest/best/fastest way to result.

We have SAS 9.3 on the server and the EG version that was delivered with that (I think 5.1, can't check right now).


As nobody has SAS installed locally the ODS Graphics Designer is not an option.

I'll see if I can get somebody to try SGPLOT.

Regarding SG in EG tasks, thanks, and I understand you cannot say anything about timeframes (and if you could you probably would be punished if you did Smiley Wink).

But it is clear 9.4 will definitely not have something like that.

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