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Slowness in EG

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Slowness in EG

I'm facing a slowness in EG in every step I do, it takes from 4 to 8 min to do any type of task even saving the project takes this much time. The more tasks I add the worst it becomes

some ties automatic shut down happens which cost me 8 hours of work.

I'm not dealing with a very large data
I switch (open result automatically) off
My RAM is 2G

Is there something to do to solve this issue.

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Re: Slowness in EG

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My first inclination is that you have an Anti-Virus program that is scanning all files indiscrimantly, = over paranoia.

My second inclination is that your workstation has the Windows Firewall or some other firewall program running on it that is interferring with your network communications.

My third inclination is that you have an anti-virus program or other security measure scanning all your network traffic, indiscrimantly, = over paranoia.

My fourth inclination is that your network is slow; or that your adapter isn't setup well (not tuned); or that the adapter is set for auto-negotiate and your network is 100 Mb, so that the adapter and the switch port should be set explicitly to 100/FULL [duplex] (this has been a known issue with most 100 Mb switched networks, that autonegotiate doesn't work properly).

My fifth inclination is that your EG is somewhate mis-configured, that an like file is being included on all tasks that defines multiple libnames for database access. This is in the Tools -> Options ... -> Tasks -> Custom Code -> Insert custom code, or Tools -> Options... -> SAS Programs -> Insert custom code ..., or perhaps both.

My sixth inclination is that there is a problem with EG and you need help from tech support.
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Re: Slowness in EG

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Please can you provide a little more information about your use of EG:
(1) Are you running the programs on your Local Server or on a remote server?
(2) If you are running on a Local Server, are your permanent libraries on your PC, or somewhere on the network?
(3) Do you create a WORK copies of the permanent data sets from the network at the start of the program and then process these, or are you reading these permanent data sets each time?
(4) Are you creating output directly to a network drive at each step, or just writing the output locally?

Depending on your answers, there may be ways to speed up your steps with just small code changes.

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Re: Slowness in EG

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Though there are countless possibilities, let me assume theres a good chance that a) its the EG Client b) the network c) the SAS server.

If its the box that the EG client is on that is having problems, then its up to the wintel administrator to take a look at it. I found rather useful tips from Chris' SAS for dummies book on the subject. Some of the recommended tools from sysinternals are helpful for troubleshooting on the wintel box. I'd look at the syslogs, the cpu usage, the memory usage and the I/O behavior. These are the tools I've been experimenting with (which you might also find helpful): process explorer, process monitor, autoruns.exe, regmon.exe and tcpview.exe (all from sysinternals).

If its the network, then you probably want to get your network administrator to come in and make some analysis. A packet analysis is not necessarily helpful, but it will reveal alot about what the application is doing at the network layer. Wireshark is a great tool for end point analysis on the EG client. If the traffic tranverses a segment to another before it reaches the server, try running two concurrent sessions on each segment (time display format to: Time of Day instead of seconds since beginning of capture). This allows you to compare the traffic before and after the firewall (especially if its a botched up firewall rule)

If the SAS server is slow, you'd probably want to use STIMER, FULLSTIMER & ARM to find out why each step takes ages. some of the traditional unix tools might be available if its on a unix platform (e.g. top, vmstat, iostat, iotop for solaris 10, dtrace, gdb, etc). I dont know much about SAS but my impression is that its typically I/O that kills you. I also wonder if a badly dimensioned SASWORK and SASLIBRARY might cause the system to slow down to such a state.

Given that we have more queries regarding administration and troubleshooting, I'd like to suggest to the forum administrators that we should have a discussion forum on the subject of enterprise administration and business intelligence platform Message was edited by: Joshua
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Re: Slowness in EG

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You should also check the size of your .egp file. It's been documented that saving and deleting slow down alot as the size of the project file increases. (Search for "slow" in this forum.)
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