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Slow Performance Information Map in Enterprise Guide

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Slow Performance Information Map in Enterprise Guide


I am using Information Maps in Enterprise Guide to generate reports. The Information maps takes quite a long time to execute. The Stored Process created from the EG project takes even more time.

The maps have only 1 transaction table and 2-3 master tables joined together and around 20 columns.

What could be the issue
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Re: Slow Performance Information Map in Enterprise Guide

We have just gone through a lunar eclipse, and that could be the issue, as indeed could my holding my tongue in my left cheek rather than my right Seriously though, there is far too little data here for anything but a wild guess that might be lucky, or a suggestion that it could be the same issue someone else just had. However, there are too many potential causes for the problem and I suggest you gather the following:
Source of tables
Size of tables
Usual speed of reading tables individually
Details of information map
Details of stored process

and then call Tech Support who can work through and eliminate the likely issues.

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Re: Slow Performance Information Map in Enterprise Guide

One potential issue: make sure that the information map "task" is running on the same logical server relative to the source data.

Background: information maps contain source tables, and source tables are within SAS libraries, and SAS libraries are associated with a SAS server (for example, "SASMain").

The information map library engine (used by EG) performs best when run on the same server as where the source data libraries are defined. If you use a different server (for example, "Local"), your data must pass through an extra server connection.

In EG 4.1, you can help control which server is used by setting your default server to the proper server within Tools->Options->Administration.

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