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Single Value Prompts With Dynamic Stored Processes

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Single Value Prompts With Dynamic Stored Processes


I'm working on a SAS Enterprise Guide Stored Process - using the Wizards. This will be handed off to a user who doesn't want to code, so will need to be super simple. I have four variables. Those four variables need to have a single default value. There should be only one variable to one value. User is allowed to specify additional values, and results are output to a secondary table (the user input does not change default values).

Here is an example of the defualt data that I'm working with:

%let CPU = 1000;

%let Inv = 20000;

%let Hra = 112;

%let Wind = 16;

data mylib.default_parms;

length Var_name $18. Value 6.;

Var_name = 'CPU'; Value = "&CPU";


Var_name = 'Inv Level'; Value = "&Inv";


Var_Name = 'Heart Rate Average'; Value = "&Hra";


Var_name = 'Wind Speed'; Value = "&Wind";




The current default values are approx. 80% of "max-value", and the range is [ 0 : "max-value" ]. A user can request that the default value be changed to 75%. So on the backend we would (alter the default_parms table created above with a) change to the let statements. Wind Speed would be 15 instead of 16. This will then automatically display the new default value (not the difficult part). I have only been able to achieved this by using dynamic lists. 

However, here is where the issue is, when using dynamic lists the CPU drop down should only have 1000 displayed. Instead the drop down is including all values that qualify within range - i.e. 112 for Heart Rates and 16 for Wind Speed both display. I have only been able to achieve this by using static lists.

Is this within the prompt wizards and Stored Process wizards capabilities? Can I specify the single default dynamic values with no additional drop down values?

I have attached an example of my prompt settings.


Thank you,


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