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Simple problem with read-only code

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Simple problem with read-only code



I cant get around this problem... i would like to edit the code... but it says the code is Read-only and that I can create a copy to modify...


But Im the only SAS user in my company... and I simply want to ammend the code... but cant...



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Re: Simple problem with read-only code

This is most likely caused by you having insufficient permissions at the operating system level - if the code is on Linux or UNIX you may have to consult your system administrator.

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Re: Simple problem with read-only code

how would i know what code Im on?


Basically I have a whole project coded in SAS EG... and now i just which to change a date in the one node... and I cant... 

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Re: Simple problem with read-only code

Is the .egp file write-protected, or the code (.sas) files that are linked from the project?

If the first, copy the .egp into your user directory, and edit it there (and use that copy later on).

If the latter, embed the codes into the project, or do a "save as" to a location where you can write.

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Re: Simple problem with read-only code

If this is a .sas file you need to edit, Unix has what some might call a flaw to work around this.  Even though you don't have write permissions, you may be able to delete the file.  So very carefully ...


  • Copy the file to another file in the same folder.  It's important to use the same folder, to make sure you have the permissions to create a new file in that folder.  If so, you are the creator of the copy, and have full permissions for it.  If not, STOP (this won't work).
  • Delete the original file.  (Thanks, Unix.)
  • Move the copy back to the original location.

Since you are now the creator of the file, you have full permissions for it.

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