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Sharing Projects

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Sharing Projects

I am very new to SAS and SAS Enterprise Guide.  I would like to share my projects with others in my department.  How do I do this.  This is probably a stupid question.

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Re: Sharing Projects

What do you mean by share?

If its saved in a common location then anyone with access can open the project.

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Re: Sharing Projects

My projects are located on a server under my name.  I tried to copy a project from this location and then paste it to another location but the paste was dimmed out and control v didn't work.  I opened a ticket but thought I would try this site first thinking that it is probably something obvious that I am missing.

I figured out what to do.  I was trying to copy and paste and all I had to do was use "Save as" and save the project to another location - duh....

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Re: Sharing Projects

I suspect that your problem in trying to copy and paste related to your operating system, not SAS EG.

Consider a SAS EG project similar to an Excel spreadsheet file. You can copy it, email it, and other people can open it, subject to a couple of restrictions:

1. If you use operating system security options to prevent others from reading it, they won't be able to.

2. If someone has a project open, other users will only be able to open it in read-only mode.


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