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Sharing Projects

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Sharing Projects

I am not quite straight on how to share projects.  I have this one project where I bring in tables from an Oracle library.  I create a query with each of the tables (4 data files) I bring in and save the output to my library I call "Linda".  I don't use the work library.  I create another query that uses all the output from the 4 data files.   It seems like if I used the work library to save the output, the next time I opened the project, the query I created from the 4 original data files is gone.  That is why I saved them to "Linda" library instead of work.  Do I have this all wrong and is there a better way to do this.  I am not familiar with libraries and servers etc.  Another girl in the department exports her results and saves them as a step in the project.  It seems there must be an easier way to do this.  If this is confusing, it is because I don't know what I am doing. I want to save the project somewhere where others can run it without losing anything or getting errors.

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Re: Sharing Projects

So a library is just a physical data storage location for your datafile. It can be a call to a server, or to an actual Drive. Example, you could make your desktop "C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Desktop" become a library within sas, as the example below shows.

Library EXAMP 'C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Desktop";

Once you have a library defined, if you put its refrence name before your dataset, then the dataset will be created "IN" that library. Meaning instead of creating a temporary dataset that gets deleted when you close SAS (AKA the work library), this dataset is saved permanently on the Disk space of that drive.

Data Examp.NEWDATA;

set work.Mydata;


Thus, if you create a library in a public location that other people have access too (a shared drive), others can access this data from their system.

However the important thing to remember is that SAS only saves these as SAS DATA FILES, which only SAS can open and/or understand. If you wanted to create shared files (like excel files, etc..) you would need to add code to export the data. This is what I assume your colleage is doing.

Does that help?


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Re: Sharing Projects

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Thank you for the explanation.  I guess I will do what my colleague does and export the results as a step in my project

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