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Shared Data Folder

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Shared Data Folder

Greetings SAS Forum

I created a table in my project and i want to place it/save it to the "Shared Data" folder. Does anyone have any idea how to do that?

I tried dragging and dropping
Can't find the physical location to use a libname statement.

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Re: Shared Data Folder

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Hello Darrylovia,

It is necessary to use FILE -> EXPORT command. However, you still need a physical location of this "Shared Data" folder. I think you can ask your network administrator.

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Re: Shared Data Folder

The shared data folder is a metadata folder and doesn't have a physical path.

The table needs to be registered in metadata, unsure of how to do this in EG, except for code.

Is the library assigned in metadata (or is it a WORK dataset?). If assigned in the metadata you can use SMC to register the table, this will give you the option of where the metadata definition goes, so navigate to the shared folder.

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