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Selecting a Table Using a Prompt

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Selecting a Table Using a Prompt

I'm using a Prompt with a Code Node to let a user select a table to run the code on.  I'd like the user to be able to select from a list of all of the tables in the Project, with the Prompt automatically picking up the values to offer to the user.  My code is splitting a table up into a number of smaller tables and will be used across a wide range of projects.


Is this possible?


I was thinking that there may be a table within SASHELP that contains that information, but I can't find it.  Alternative methods gratefully received.


As a follow-on question, if the above is possible I would like to be able to set a second prompt that lets you select one of the columns from the selected table.  I think I can do this using cascading prompts, but again any pointers gratefully received.



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