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Select Workspace server from a custom task

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Select Workspace server from a custom task

Does anyone know of a way to select a specific workspace server from a custom task?

I would like to submit the simple task (it executes an X cmd on the remote server) - but I need to submit it to a specific SASApp instance to ensure the Server has the appropriate packages installed.

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Re: Select Workspace server from a custom task

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Do you mean 'application server'? as workspace server is just a SAS instance running on certain app server. We use the following code to instruct SAS connect to a specific app server, this can be inserted into your custom task.

options metaserver="your metadata server name"
 metaport=8561 metaprotocol="bridge"
 metauser="your domain\your id" 

signon server="your target app server name";

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