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Segmentation Violation within EG 4.3

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Segmentation Violation within EG 4.3


Recently we have upgraded our Solaris SAS Server from 9.1.3 to 9.3.

After the upgrade most STP's whenever run from either EG 4.3 or SAS Add-in issues a segmentation violation error.

Before in SAS 9.1.3 this was not the case at all with any of our STPs. After contacting Technical Support it seems that Solaris needs to be upgraded as well. This waS finally done yesterday.

Server has been restarted and SAS services are running. BUT the same issue is still there and it seems like Technical Support also does not really know what is going on. Has anyone had done such big upgrade or encounter segmentation violation issues within SAS EG or SAS Add-in?



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Re: Segmentation Violation within EG 4.3

Do you mean a segmentation violation appearing as an error in the SAS log that is returned?  If so, then there is a configuration problem (or other issue) on the SAS server end.  Can you run the stored processes successfully via the Stored Process Web App (if configured)?

If you see a "crash" on the EG or SAS Add-In side, the issue might be something else, such as a mismatched installation of runtime components that are required for client-side pieces such as the ActiveX Graph control or the Integration Technologies client.  Can you run similar code/tasks from within EG, without utilizing the stored process version?

You'll probably have to continue to work with tech support on these issues, as they are best at gathering this type of information and recommending the next steps.


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