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Secondary SAS EG 7.1 Help.chm

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Secondary SAS EG 7.1 Help.chm

Has anyone developed a .dll that can bring up in EG a second HELP.chm tool?   Got word from Tech Support the other day HOW to add it to the EG 7.1 Menu system, by altering the .config file,  and now I see the option appearing in my Menus.  But the next step is to build a custom tool that brings up a popup window to allow me to reference my newly minted Help.chm file.  As good as Chris Hemedinger is, he just can't bring a Luddite like me over the finish line.  I'm having troubles with the VB sample I downloaded from his examples compiling in Visual Studio.


Has anyone tried this before, and has a Custom Tool they would like to share?

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Re: Secondary SAS EG 7.1 Help.chm

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Hi @fredmayer23 - don't give up on me yet!


Is your CHM file something that you built for your users?  And you just want to launch it from the EG menu?  A sample command might be:


  %windir%\hh.exe "path-to-your-CHM\help.chm"



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Re: Secondary SAS EG 7.1 Help.chm

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After shuffling between versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and the SAS libraries, I was able to get one of the samples to compile!  then I set out to swap out existing code for my own, and Land o Goshan,  I have it running the way I want. 


Now, on to other ideas for tasks that can be automated with a custom tool.  Thanks for all the help!

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