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Scrolling tables

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Scrolling tables

Hi! Does anybody know  whether it is possible to arrange scrolling of Summary Table in SAS EG , that is sent to HTML document with ODS HTML?

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Re: Scrolling tables

You might try this tagset:

Base SAS: Creating a Data Grid Like VB.NET

To use this instead of the default ODS outputs that EG generates, use this technique:

Take control of ODS results in SAS Enterprise Guide - The SAS Dummy


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Re: Scrolling tables

Posted in reply to ChrisHemedinger

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Unfortunately , my Base SAS (9.3 M1)  have nither targset.tableeditor nor htmlscroll statements in the library.

I create a  HTML report using tagset htmlpanel. But this one does not have the options for scroll also.

I work with SAS EG installed in a stand-alone  PC.

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