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Scheduling an EG 4.3 Project with Conditional Logic

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Scheduling an EG 4.3 Project with Conditional Logic

I have several EG 4.1 and 4.2 projects currently scheduled without any issue. These projects include mutiple programs, links to create a production process flow, etc. However, I just recently started playing around with the conditional logic feature (macro variables specifically) in 4.3 and I am loving it. It is much easier and more powerful than using the macro facility to control error logic . I've tested my project numerous times by executing the production process flow and everything works as expected. I then scheduled the project to run daily and that's when things went south. It appears that once I've scheduled the same project, it doesn't want to continue executing after it's run the conditional logic code. In my log output, the last thing I see is the EG condition code. The program hangs as soon as it hits this portion of the flow and continues to show as "Running" until it hits the 8 hour scheduled task time cap I set. Has anyone successfully scheduled a project with conditional logic or can point out something I am missing? Once the project has kicked off, I'd expect it to behave the same way as running the process flow manually.

Last portion seen in the log output is below. The &download_err. does not resolve to 0 so it should be directed to the else code specified in the GUI and associated with rc = 2.



3 data _NULL_; rc = 0;
4 if &download_err. = 0 then
5 rc = 1;
6 else
7 rc = 2;
8 CALL SYMPUT('_egrc', PUT(rc,1.));
9 stop;
10 run;

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.00 seconds
user cpu time 0.00 seconds
system cpu time 0.00 seconds
Memory 2083k
OS Memory 6364k
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Re: Scheduling an EG 4.3 Project with Conditional Logic

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Grrr. I hope this finds itself in a hotfix very soon.
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