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Scheduling Enterprise Guide Through Windows 10

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Scheduling Enterprise Guide Through Windows 10

Hello - I'm scheduling an .egp file through Enterprise Guide using the scheduling feature (integrated with Windows' Task Scheduler). I'm on Windows 10 (64-bit) and using Enterprise Guide 7.15. I schedule the project using File >> Schedule. I select the option to "Run only when user is logged on." The Windows Task scheduler showed it was queued to run 2 AM the next morning. That's today, and I don't see it ran (no log files generated and no datasets updated). Any ideas where else to look? The Windows Task scheduler says it is queued for the next morning 2 AM. So while that is good, it isn't good that nothing ran. Frustrating!



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Re: Scheduling Enterprise Guide Through Windows 10

I recommend following these steps (run the VBScript file manually) to debug...


  1. Open Windows Task Scheduler and locate the scheduled task that is supposed to run your project (ex. "Schedule - <projectName>").
  2. Click the Actions tab of the scheduled task and note (copy or write down) the "Start a program" command.
    (For 64-bit EG, it will be something like "<fullPathToFile>\EGScript1.vbs" and for 32-bit EG something like "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cscript.exe "<fullPathToFile>\EGScript6.vbs"".)
  3. Locate the referenced EGScript.vbs file and open it in a text editor.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the file and remove the first single-quote at the beginning of this line to uncomment it:
    'MsgBox strmsg  'Uncomment this line if you want to be notified via MessageBox of Errors in the script.
  5. Save and close the EGScript.vbs file.
  6. Open a Windows Command window (type "cmd" in the Windows Run window).
  7. Run the exact command you noted in the scheduled task.

If the script fails, a message box should then appear with hopefully more useful information.  If the script runs manually with no problems, then it is likely an issue with the scheduled task.



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Re: Scheduling Enterprise Guide Through Windows 10

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Thanks for your feedback. I found by clicking Properties in the Windows Task Scheduler, that it wasn't enabled (for some reason). I enabled it. That did the trick.

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