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Scheduled process fails (with error 2147942667)

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Scheduled process fails (with error 2147942667)

The default setting for a scheduling a process in EG 6.1 (64 bit) fails if your process is stored on a network drive. 

Scheduling a process creates a Windows task in the Task Scheduler.  However, the default setting for a new task are to "Run whether user is logged on or not" (in the General tab of the task properties in the Windows Task Scheduler), and to not store the password (which means task will only have access to local computer resources).  With these setting the task runs only with local resources, even if the user is logged in at the time. Setting the task to "Run only when user is logged on" resolves the issue.

Microsoft says the error code translates to "ERROR_DIRECTORY" in article

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Re: Scheduled process fails (with error 2147942667)

Thanks for the post. My requirement is very close to this post. 


I would like to schedule the SAS projects/Process from SAS server. And projects are placed at Network drive. We have a specific windows user "sas_schduler" through which network drive can be accesible. Now if I choose option "Run whether user is logged on or not" then schedule will not run when user "sas_schduler" is not logged in. If I donot choose this option then task scheduler gets failed with same error code you mentioned 2147942667. 

Do you have some other solution for this problem?

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