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Scheduled job with OLAP connectivity

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Scheduled job with OLAP connectivity

Hi All,

I have an EGUIDE 4.3 project that has MSOLAP cube connectivity and a slice output to a dataset. When I run it as a scheduled job, it prompts me for the OLAP Cube connection information. Is there a way to "force" a connection for this project. The schedules job will not run until the connection information is supplied.



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Re: Scheduled job with OLAP connectivity

The usual way to force a database connection is to use the NOPROMPT option. This is how you do it via a CONNECT statement if you are using ODBC to connect to SQL Server and are using Windows authentification, assuming your SAS server runs on Windows:

connect to odbc (noprompt = "server=MySQLserver;DRIVER=SQL Server;Trusted Connection=yes;DATABASE=Mydatabase;"  readbuff = 32767);

If you want more specific help then you need to provide details of how you connect to your SQL Server database.

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