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Schedule SAS EG 4.3 project

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Schedule SAS EG 4.3 project


I want to schedule a SAS.egp project over night - that means my pc is offline. The project contains several programs, but I want to schedule only one program. I tried it with the SAS documentation on 30917 - Scheduling projects in SAS® Enterprise Guide

but I didn't make it.

Does anyone have a good manual or perhaps a video tutorial?

Or can try to answer some of my questions?

I created a credentials.xml file as follows

<xml FileVersion=”4.3”>


<server name=”SASMain” userid=”your-user-id” password=”your-password”/>



and saved it under C:\Users\my_user\Application Data\SAS

How knows EG 4.3 which project it should be run?

Does I have to do some more settings?

Where can I find the SAS EG 4.3 scheduler?

Is it possible to schedule only one program in a project or have I to separate it?

I thank you for your comments!

Best regards


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Re: Schedule SAS EG 4.3 project

What do you mean by "the PC is offline"? PC turned off, no network connection, or just no user in front of the PC?

And where is your SAS workspace server? Local on your PC, or on a remote server, and in case of remote server, which operating system?

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