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Schedule Projects and send by email

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Schedule Projects and send by email

Hello everyone.

I want to mention that I have a project where one of the steps is sending by mail the report in HTML format. I schedule it to run once a week. Scheduling When I did, I see that is saved in the project but never executed, nor I get the email with the attached report.

When I run immediately sent over email, this works smoothly and reaches the report in HTML format recipients.

Why the time of the Scheduling the project, this is not triggered by the date indicated?

I'm looking forward to your comments.


Daniel Hidalgo

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Re: Schedule Projects and send by email

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EGuide runs on your workstation.  So your workstation must be turned on and connected to the resources it needs to run a task.  When you schedule the task in EGuide, you can also tell it to run whether or not you are logged in and the workstation status must be consistent with the setting.

here are some resources on scheduling in EGuide:

Not Just for Scheduling: Doing More with SAS Enterprise Guide Automation - sasCommunity

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