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Saving Project Log

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Saving Project Log

We are fairly new to SAS EG, and are starting to use it for recurring deliverables, so we need to save the project log from each run of the project, to create an audit trail.

We know of a couple of ways to create the logs (Export project log / Proc printo), but, in a multi-step project, each requires manual intervention and is subject to error.

Does anyone have an automated way to capture the logs for all steps in a project? (Once captured, we have a way to save them -- by FTPing them to a server on which all other logs are automatically archived.)

Attention SAS: this is really a needed feature in the next EG release!

Thanks for any help you might provide!
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Re: Saving Project Log

There is a new logging feature in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1, but it is
not automatic. The following steps can be used to direct a copy of every
SAS log generated in SAS Enterprise Guide to a separate file location on
the SAS WorkSpace Server. These files are in addition to the SAS log
generated in the project.
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Re: Saving Project Log

If you just want to save only a project log in EG 4.1 then another way is to turn on the Project Log feature. Right-click the project name in the Project Explorer or in the process flow and select Properties. Check the Maintain Project Log box.

This project log aggregates all log activity for the project and is viewable from the Project Log window. You can export the entire project log in one step then rather than individually by tasks.
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Re: Saving Project Log


Here, we use SEG 4 without BI server.

Do you know how to redirect the LOG to an another directory than c:\documents and settings\usersxxx ????

Do you know if we can stop the creation of the LOG ?

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