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Save changes to unchanged program?

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Save changes to unchanged program?


Since my client upgraded to EG 7.1, I have noticed an annoying feature when I close an EGP. For each external .sas file in the project, I am asked whether I want to save the changes to that program, even though I have not made any changes. I have to go through each program to check I haven't inadvertently changed something, but a simple undo+redo of my last edit shows I haven't.

I would like to ask if there is an option I can change to stop this, or if there is a known fix my client can apply to their installation. I guess it could also be by design of course in which case I'll have to get used to it!

Apologies if something has already been posted but I'm not quite sure what search terms to look for.

Many thanks.
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Re: Save changes to unchanged program?

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I agree.  I've submitted an enhancement request that avoids that message if no tasks have changed or, alternatively, if the project was run but no programs were changed.  Something like in MS Word where the 'save' button is only lit when the file is changed.

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Re: Save changes to unchanged program?

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What exact version of EG do you have (in Help->About dialog)?


If your externally referenced .sas files have not changed, yet you are still getting prompted whether to save them, then that is a bug. I suggest upgrading to the latest version and update (7.15 HF3) if you are able, which may resolve the issue.


Otherwise, I suggest opening a track with SAS Tech Support.



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