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Save Project as New Project

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Save Project as New Project


I have been working on some projects, I make copies of the changes as different versions of the project with save as option.

However, I see that all the projects have same program nodes associated .. thus, none of the different versions I created are different ( they are exactly the same.)

Is there any way I can tell SAS not to associated the newly saved project with its parent project. So it considers all the program nodes as different and updating one doesn't update the previous.


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Re: Save Project as New Project

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What EGuide version? I have 4.305. I don't recall if it has changed from 4.1.

If you did a SAVE or SAVE AS in the program task in EGuide, then the program itself is stored outside of the project. All the project has inside is a pointer to the program (something akin to %INCLUDE in base SAS). To change all of those when you change the project means that you have to manually copy the files and change the pointers. It can be done, but it is tedious.

If you did NOT use the SAVE or SAVE AS, then EGuide stores the SAS code internal to the project. Then the different versions of the project would do as you wish. The disadvantage to this approach is that you cannot share common code between projects nor use an external editor.

You can check the properties on the program node to see if it is internal or external.

Doc Muhlbaier
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