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Save Enterprise Guide Project to Metadata?

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Save Enterprise Guide Project to Metadata?

Dear Community,

I'm working on a project where metadata is read directly from the metadataserver to work on in in another modelling tool. With DI-Studio a lot of metadata gets written and stored automatically. In Enterprise Guide there is no metadata created what so ever. I found a Paper saying it was possible to save the Enterprise Guide Project directly to Metadata. But in our Version of Enterprise Guide there no possibility to chose SAS-Folders in the save-dialog. Since the Paper is saying something about older versions, we're using the 64-bit Version of Enterprise Guide on Windows along with SAS 9.3 (TS1M1). The Metadata Server is on a Linuxmachine.

Would be happy about any of your ideas!


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Re: Save Enterprise Guide Project to Metadata?

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In order to save a SAS Enterprise Guide project into a metadata-based SAS Folder, you must have the SAS Content Server running (part of the Web Infrastructure Platform).  This is included with SAS Integration Technologies (which you have, since you've got a remote SAS environment on Linux), but not every customer configures this component.

Assuming that you do get it going, what you're saving is just a bit of information about the project into metadata, with the physical EGP file being stored in the SAS Content Server.  It's not nearly as deep of a metadata integration as DI Studio.

If you're looking for deeper insight into the content of your EGP files, I'll recommend these two tools:


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Re: Save Enterprise Guide Project to Metadata?

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Hi Pawel,

FYI I wrote a blog post about What's the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS DI Studio?that you may relate to. Personally, I like saving my Enterprise Guide projects in metadata as I can then search for them with SAS Folders, they are backed up and secured by the underlying SAS security model.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Save Enterprise Guide Project to Metadata?

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I disagree. We no longer save SAS EG in metadata after our content server became corrupted and we were unable to recover our projects because there is no easy way to backup and restore the content, especially if you want to restore individual projects.

My recommendation is that unless searching and impact analysis is very important, never save your projects in metadata.


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