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Save Changes to Import Task

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Save Changes to Import Task

I imported a .csv file through the option File - Import Data in Enterprise Guide 4. Under Column Options I needed to change some of the column options that EG4 had decided upon automatically e.g. change a column from numeric to character. I clicked "Save" to save my changes and then "Run" to run the task.

The import worked correctly. However if I go back into the task my changes have not been saved. i.e. the column will have reverted to being numeric.

I need to import a file with several dozen fields, maybe a dozen of which need alteration so I need to be able to view output and then return to the task to make further changes to the Column Options. But each time, I need to start again.

Any ways around this?
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Re: Save Changes to Import Task

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This doesn't sound like correct behavior. My advice is to try applying the EG 4.1 hotfix (see previous post) -- it does address a handful of Import Data scenarios. However, I reviewed the fix list and your symptom doesn't stand out; nor have we been able to reproduce this here with the information you've provided.

If the hotfix doesn't solve it, please contact SAS tech support with the details.

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