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Sales Forecasting using Time Series

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Sales Forecasting using Time Series

How will I apply Time Series to predict sales? I have data of Sales for last 12 Months. I am using SAS 9.1
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Re: Sales Forecasting using Time Series

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This is way, way out of scope for Enterprise Guide. The interpretation of statistical analyses is the purview of people who adequately understand the power and limitations of the procedures they employ.

Your question implies you are looking for Time Series 101 information, and for that I would direct you to any number of base level texts on the subject. If you specifically want to apply knowledge you already have to the SAS analysis procedures, then I'll refer you to the documentation associated with the product and available on the SAS help links and the SAS support web site.

For advanced use of the SAS ETS procedures, there is no better source of information than the SASPress book co-authored by Dr John Brocklebank and available from SAS or from Amazon.

From my limited knowledge of the magic needed for ETS, I will remark that 12 months of data seems to me to be entirely inadequate for dealing with any data that has a cyclical component any longer than a week.

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