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SEG Is Helping Me Troubleshoot Much Faster

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SEG Is Helping Me Troubleshoot Much Faster

For those learning SAS who may have stumbled onto SEG, this is how it is helping me with my research.

As a PhD student just learning how to research and use SAS, I am starting to really like SEG. There was a bit of a transition from what I knew from SAS (which isn't much) to learning SEG. I think the Process Flow is where the real power of SEG lies. Rather than a handful of long SAS programs, I now write code into short programs, then link the code and data sets together with the Process Flow. The best part is that you can run the whole PF, but since the programs are seperately run, troubleshooting is much easier.

A simple, but powerful, feature is that after you have run the PF, each programs icon takes one of three forms. If the associated log has no warning or error messages, the icon looks like the normal SAS program icon. If the log has an error message, the icon has a red X overlayed. If it only has warning messages, a yellow exclamation point overlayed. So, I run my PF, scan program icons, fix the code snippet with errors or warnings, then rinse and repeat. This is extremely more efficient then constantly scanning a long program log. Here is a screenshot of my current PF:


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