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SEG 3.0.2 - Sequential processing of workflow and breaks in between queries

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SEG 3.0.2 - Sequential processing of workflow and breaks in between queries

I've got two big issues some bigger projects in SAS Enterprise Guide 3.0.2 at the moment and I'm wondering if there was a way to do something about them:

1. When running entire workflows, some of them will refuse to run and will they give an error on how too much space would be required to run them all. Even if those queries required 3 times the amount of space of all the source tables included there'd be less than 20% HD space required to handle the queries as well as the results. When running a couple of queries individually first, there seems to be no problem with the rest in a sequential run.

2. Once in a while during the execution of a query sequence, a following query will start, apparently before the results of a previous query have finished writing the results, since the following query can't access the preceding table yet. If executed afterwards, that very same query has no qualms executing at all.

If anything could help reducing the effect of these issues, it'd help a lot.
I'm dealing with a project of over 190 queries in total here, so porting it to normal SAS would make it rather unmanagable.

Thanks a lot for all your effort! --> Clarified a few points a bit more.

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