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[SEG 2.1] Problem with format

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[SEG 2.1] Problem with format

Hi all

I have SEG 2.1 on my Windows 2000 and SAS 9.1.3 on a UNIX server.
We have 4 users working on same data with same macros and one file which contains all our formats.
We have a lot of trouble with the formats. Either the format is not used in our programs, or bad formats names are used.

Below is a part of the file This is a file automatically launched at SEG start :
%let formlib =&root/saslib/format/saseg;
libname formlib "/project/poolrecht/pks/saslib/format/saseg";
libname sasprog "/project/poolrecht/pks/sasprog";
options fmtsearch=(formlib, saslib, library);
options gwindow linesize=88 ps=57 MAUTOSOURCE SASAUTOS=(sasautos, "/project/poolrecht/pks/sasprog");
%include '/project/poolrecht/pks/sasprog/';

Is there a problem ? The formats are recreated each time a new instance of SEG is started...

Any clue ?

Thanks in advance

Christophe Paratte
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Re: [SEG 2.1] Problem with format

I was wondering about this statement :

%include '/project/poolrecht/pks/sasprog/';

Is it the "" that you mentionned to contain the entire Proc Format definition ? If so, your %include statement DOES recreate formats catalog each and every time EG is launched.
Assuming I am not misunderstanding your needs neither your environment, maybe you'd better :
1) execute ONCE the whole Proc Format thing in an EG session, checking that
PROC FORMAT LIB = formlib ;
for the formats to be stored in a permanent catalog at the right place.

2) comment out the %include statement, and stick to the
OPTIONS FMTSEARCH = (formlib saslib library work) ;
statement to do the fiding formats job. I suggest you add the Work library to the Fmtsearch list for users to create and use temporary formats in addition to "regular" ones.

Does this help you in any way ?
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Re: [SEG 2.1] Problem with format

Thank you Olivier !

I commented out this line (%include...) and it seems to work better.

Christophe Paratte
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Re: [SEG 2.1] Problem with format

In addition to Olivier's suggestions, I am wondering about the %let statement for formlib with &root. Where do you subsequently use &formlib???? It is NOT in the libname statement for formlib library reference in your example.

I would usually expect to see this:
%let formlib =&root/saslib/format/saseg;
libname formlib "&formlib";

...assuming that &root was set in the config file or was an environment variable that was already set.

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Re: [SEG 2.1] Problem with format

Thank you Cynthia !

Yes I know :-( I am using a file I did not create and I am new to SAS.
I will make some cleaning !

Christophe Paratte
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