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SASGrid: One directory works while the other does not

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SASGrid: One directory works while the other does not

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I have used FTP to put some sas7bdat files into a particular directory called "sas_work1". The "" file which is referred to below is also in this directory. This directory as seen on WinSCP is located at the <root>. My code currently runs into an error with the line below:


%include "/sas_work1/";


The error is "Error: Cannot open %INCLUDE file sas_work1/" and the note is that the "Physical file does not exist, /sas_work1/"


However, when I try to put all the files into another directory located at the <root> I do not get any errors with the line above. I was wondering if this could be because my code could be running on different grid nodes? If so, how would I be able to tell which directories I could use for this line of code?



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Re: SASGrid: One directory works while the other does not

Hello @Sid9,


I consider your guess is on the right track. It could be that other directories are mout points that are shares with other GRID nodes, and not this sas_work1 (and yes, your code might be running on any server/node, unless it runs locally on SAS foundation). And it could be as well a matter of permissions on this new directory sas_work1. Perhaps the umask is causing you troubles. It is a bit hard without knowing your system.

The best thing you can do is to ask this question to a LInux admin, a good one. They will give you the answer right away.


Kind regards,


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