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SAS table to XML which complies with this XSD

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SAS table to XML which complies with this XSD



I wonder if there is a way to convert a SAS Dataset into an XML file which complies with the XSD provided by an organisation?


I found a way on the web to convert a dataset into an xml file but it does not guaranty that the obtain XML file complies with the provided XSD file.


Therefore, imagine that I have a XSD file and a Dataset and that I would like to combine this information in order to obtain an XML file that fulfill the organisation standard,


Is there an expert who could help me with that issue?




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Re: SAS table to XML which complies with this XSD

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I believe you would need to use an XMLMAP in your libname statement to control XML generation.

You can use the XMLMapper to create such a map from an XSD. 


I haven't done more than a bit of "playing around" with this but given that an XSD can describe much more than simple tables, I would expect that there are limits to what XSD's the XMLMapper can convert without manual intervention.

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