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SAS not working

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SAS not working



I've a strange issue which perhaps somebody could shed some light on. 


For some reason SAS has stopped working for me and has thrown up strange errors. For example, the following piece of code creates the following error.


%let year = 2015;
%put &year.;


1          %_eg_hidenotesandsource;
2          ;*';*";*/;quit;run;
2          ;*'
2        ! ;*";*/;quit;run;
NOTE 49-169: The meaning of an identifier after a quoted string might change in a future SAS release.  Inserting white space 
             between a quoted string and the succeeding identifier is recommended.

This is inexplicable. I'm worker on a server and have tried changing to a different one, yet the same error occurs. Basically, nothing will run. Does anyone have any idea why this may occur?  

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Re: SAS not working

Have you tried getting rid of the first line (%_eg_hidenotesandsource) ?  I sure sounds like that's doing what is designed to do, to hide the results.

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Re: SAS not working

Best way to hide probelms in your code:


Best way to try and fix them:


The above two statements are false of course.  Notes, warnings, errors, are specifically there to show what code is running, what problems may occur etc. thus hiding parts of it really isn't good, as you find now where you cannot see where the problem is. 

Start a clean session, remove that macro call, then lok at the code fully in the log window, ienditfy where - something is misquoted, too long, invalid calls etc.

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Re: SAS not working

You might have some rogue code in an autoexec, or in the code that is submitted automatically when you connect.  Check Tools->Options->SAS Programs for anything in the "Submit SAS code when server is connected" field.  Also examine the log in the workspace start up, using these instructions.


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Re: SAS not working

Somewhere in the run-up to that you have an unbalanced single quote. Might be an autoexec on the server side (less probable), or one of the autoexec-like functions in EG that you used to send code before every execution or when connecting to the server (very probable).


So search in the Tools - Options for code to be automatically sent to the server.

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